Blankenberge has all the ingredients for a perfect holiday!
You can parade alongside our boulevard, harbour and many bijou shops during the day.
There is no lack of sports opportunities. At a stone’s throw you have an inline skate park and the surf club for all possible beach and water sports. We are in the immediate vicinity of a supermarket, the beach, town and plenty of choices for a good night out.
Start and end your day with a reflective moment sitting under our 1908 "Paravang" (that is, a roofed shelter with seating) at the marina while enjoying the view. Most people yearn to enjoy such peaceful surroundings each and every day. You can dream away or perceive matters more sharply while sailing boats and yachts sail in or our nearly silently.
You can also have a sweet reverie moment while on the Pier. The Pier has recently been restored and will take you hundreds of metres into the sea. It is simply THE meeting place during busy summer days so you may come across a new sweetheart. You can also walk in the nature reserve De Fonteintjes and the meadow bird nature reserve Uitkerkse Polder.
We also have tips for those who like monuments and places of interest that are free of charge. Blankenberge has a very old town hall that dates back to 1680 and a beautifully restored fisherman’s cottage: the cottage of Majutte in Breydelstraat. Those who know how to look, will also find many art nouveau houses among the holiday apartments. To discover free of charge.

Evenementenpocket Blankenberge online
De digitale versie van de evenementenpocket van Blankenberge staat online op! Alle activiteiten vanaf 5 april tot het einde van het jaar zijn er in opgenomen.

Op 1 juli verschijnt een tweede, bijgewerkte editie van de evenementenpocket met alle zomerevenementen.

Ontspannen of actief genieten… er valt weer voor iedereen wel iets te beleven !

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